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Application of alumina grinding ball

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Alumina grinding ball is a non-metallic grinding medium, which is widely used in industrial grinding. It has many physical and chemical advantages different from metal grinding balls. Today I will introduce its characteristics and applications.

It is made of high purity alumina powder by isostatic pressing and high temperature sintering. 92 alumina ball density is about 3.6, Mohs hardness is grade 9, water absorption is close to 0, and self wear is 0.01%. Because of the above characteristics, alumina grinding balls are widely used in fine grinding in various industries, so we list them below:

For glass grinding, firstly, the hardness of glass is very high, and the processing capacity of ordinary grinding medium is limited. The mixing of excessive impurities will greatly reduce the quality of glass, resulting in poor quality of finished glass and unable to make high-quality products. Alumina grinding ball can solve this problem.

When grinding, the hardness is also very high. In particular, high white quartz has high requirements for whiteness. It happens that the color of alumina is white, which solves the grinding problem of high white quartz in many aspects.

Lithium battery grinding is an emerging sunrise industry. Alumina grinding ball can show its strong power through its own materials. We know that lithium battery material is very sensitive to iron, so metal grinding can not be used in it. Non metallic grinding medium, alumina grinding ball has high efficiency, so it has become an impermissible grinding material.

The above content briefly introduces the characteristics and application of alumina grinding ball. Now the ceramic industry is a hot industry developed in recent years. Alumina ceramic grinding ball is characterized by low wear, low thermal conductivity and low density. Therefore, it has good performance in two-stage grinding of water mill. Especially in energy saving, consumption reduction and improving product quality.

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