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Causes of activated alumina ball breakage

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Activated alumina balls have many characteristics and are used in many aspects, especially when used as desiccant. It should be one of the widely used desiccant products, which is related to the structure of the product. However, we still need to choose products with good quality, otherwise we may encounter some problems in use, for example, it is broken. Let's see why.

1. If the quality of activated alumina ball desiccant is not good, it is not surprising that there will be many crushing problems. The desiccant has the problems of low strength, soft water expansion and small specific surface area. It's not surprising that a lot of compression occurs.

2. Poor strength, wear under the action of air flow, reduced adsorption area, reduced water absorption efficiency and increased dew point. In addition, a large amount of worn powder is easy to block the downstream pipeline filter element, resulting in increased differential pressure or even failure of the pipeline filter element, increased system pressure drop, increased energy consumption of the air compressor, and even blockage. Direct damage to the dryer.

3. Activated alumina balls expand, soften or even crush in the presence of water, resulting in their failure.

4. The desiccant with small specific surface area and the same load can not meet the required adsorption area, low efficiency and dew point can not meet the design requirements.

The crushing phenomenon of activated alumina ball in use affects our use. We also introduced several reasons for this phenomenon. In use, we should first choose products with good quality. Correct storage and use can avoid this problem as much as possible.

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