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Factors needing attention in the roasting process of alumina grinding ball

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During the processing and roasting of alumina grinding ball, if the ball is not well controlled, problems such as deformation, cracking and crushing may occur. The specific causes are analyzed according to the actual situation.

The deformation of alumina grinding ball during roasting may be caused by too wide particle size distribution and too large particle size of alumina powder; It may also be that the selection and amount of additives in alumina powder are unreasonable.

1、The main reason for the cracking of the ball after roasting is that there are defects in the alumina grinding ball, which is also related to the shrinkage of the ball. For the reasons for the inconsistent shrinkage of the ball, see the analysis of the causes of roasting deformation. When the shrinkage is inconsistent, if there is a defect, the defect becomes the fracture source, and the crack diffusion leads to the cracking of the sphere.

2、When the grains grow abnormally, there are often a large number of pores in these oversized grains, which are difficult to discharge from the grains to the grain boundary, which will make it difficult for the ceramic materials to achieve high density and deteriorate many properties of the materials, especially the mechanical properties (fracture toughness, bending strength, etc.).

3、When the alumina grinding ball is formed, the ball density is uneven (powder agglomeration, gradient of semi-finished product pressing pressure and uneven additives), and uneven densification occurs during roasting.

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