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Five bases for selecting grinding medium

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The higher the density of grinding medium, the shorter the grinding time. In order to increase the grinding effect, the hardness of the grinding medium must be greater than that of the material to be ground. According to the long-term experience, the Mohs hardness of the medium is more than 3 grades higher than that of the material to be ground. In addition, the smaller the size of the grinding medium, the more contact points of the medium, and the more opportunities for grinding materials.

 1. Loading capacity           

 The loading amount has a direct impact on the grinding efficiency, and the particle size of the grinding medium determines the loading amount of the grinding medium. It must be ensured that when the grinding medium moves in the disperser, the porosity of the medium is not less than 40%.            For different fineness requirements, it is necessary to adjust the crushing and grinding capacity distribution of grinding medium. The filling rate is high and the grinding capacity is strong. On the contrary, the crushing capacity is strong. When superfine grinding, the high filling rate is generally used.           

 2. Material           

 Grinding material determines the cost and efficiency of grinding. Grinding materials can be divided into metal media, rock and mineral materials and non-metal materials. In addition to the production cost, whether the materials and media will cause pollution should also be considered.           

 3. Shape and size           

 Grinding media generally use spherical, because other irregular shape of the media will wear itself, causing unnecessary pollution. The size of medium directly affects the grinding efficiency and product fineness. The larger the diameter is, the larger the product particle size is, and the higher the output is. On the contrary, the smaller the medium particle size is, the smaller the product particle size is, and the lower the output is.            

4. Medium ratio            

Generally speaking, in the continuous grinding process, the size of grinding medium is distributed in a certain rule, and the proportion of medium size is directly related to the grinding ability and how to reduce the medium wear.            In the process, the fixed medium ratio will not be maintained all the time. In the production, the method of adding large balls is often used to restore the grinding of the system. It is difficult for the mill to maintain the fixed medium ratio for a long time. When the medium diameter difference is too large, the invalid grinding between the media will be aggravated and the grinding process cost will be increased.            

5. Wear resistance and chemical stability           

 Wear resistance and chemical stability of grinding media wear resistance is an important condition to measure the quality of grinding media. Non wear resistant media need to be supplemented due to wear, which will not only increase the cost, but also affect the production.

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