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Precautions and requirements for the use of zirconia beads

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Zirconia beads are round, with good integrity, smooth surface, pearl like luster, excellent toughness, impact resistance and no fragmentation in high-speed operation. It is very popular in the market. Let's popularize the precautions and requirements of zirconia beads:

matters needing attention:            

Choose zirconia beads or glass beads according to the viscosity of materials            

According to the particle size of raw materials and the required fineness of products, choose the appropriate size of beads            

Check whether the diameter of separator or screen of grinder is set properly, and the clearance should be one third of the diameter of Zui beads. For example, zirconia beads with a gap of 0.4 mm to 1.4 mm should be used.            

Try to avoid the unnecessary loss of beads and accessories by opening the grinder in dry state            

Beads of the same brand cannot be mixed            

Try to avoid the mixed use of large and small beads

  1. Process requirements:

1) Initial diameter of material: Zui small diameter of bead = initial diameter of material * 30 ~ 50;            

2) Zui final diameter of material = diameter of bead.            

3) The better choice is the bead diameter of 1.5mm.

 2. Requirements for grinding equipment:

1) Screen separation: Zui small diameter of bead = screen gap * 1.5;            

2) Ring separation: Zui small diameter of bead = ring gap * 3;           

 The above are the precautions and requirements for the use of zirconia beads. Hope to help you.

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