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Precautions before using zirconia beads

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1. Firstly, the appropriate zirconia beads are selected according to the volume of sand mill, slurry viscosity and outlet clearance. When in use, clean the inside of the grinder, determine whether the slurry viscosity meets the requirements, and check whether the outlet clearance and speed of the grinder are appropriate.

2. When using zirconia beads for the first time, it is recommended to pre grind them in a certain viscosity resin and solvent slurry for 30 minutes. If low concentration slurry is used for pre grinding, the rotating speed must be reduced and the operation time must be controlled within 15 minutes.

3. When grinding paint with zirconia beads, it is recommended to clean it with resin. If solvent must be used, reduce the speed and control the operation time within 10 minutes. It is best to use "start-off" intermittent cleaning.

4. Due to long-time grinding, a very small amount of zirconia beads will be broken under high-speed impact. Therefore, after a period of time, it is necessary to supplement some zirconia beads. When replenishing, first screen out the broken zirconia beads with a screen, and then add new zirconia beads with the same weight as the broken zirconia beads.

5. If the grinding time needs to be extended or the fineness cannot meet the requirements within the specified time, it is necessary to supplement an appropriate amount of zirconia beads when the product fineness requirements remain unchanged.

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