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What harm does grinding medium have to the actual crushing effect

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1. Harm of strength and relative density of grinding medium

The relative density and strength of grinding medium play a key role in grinding efficiency: the higher the relative density of medium is, the higher the grinding efficiency is; The higher the strength is, the smaller the wear is, and the easier it is to ensure the purity of the goods; However, under certain slurry ratio and viscosity standards, the relative density and strength of grinding medium are not the higher the better.

High density grinding media will lead to uneven distribution of grinding media in the barrel, and the larger the difference of relative density, the more unscientific the distribution, and the probability of extrusion between grinding media will expand. High strength will lead to poor ductility and impact resistance. In addition to the rapid impact (impact) of the grinding medium on the raw materials, it is also very easy to cause its own crushing, which improves the probability of itself and other grinding media being destroyed.

2. The harm of the appearance and specification of grinding medium to the actual crushing effect

The size of grinding medium ball immediately endangers the actual grinding effect and commodity particle size. It determines the number of point contact between grinding medium and raw materials. The more point contact of grinding medium ball with small particle size under the same volume, the higher crushing efficiency in theory.

In industrial production, irregular media tend to suffer great damage, which will cause significant environmental pollution. Therefore, in the specific use of more spherical media, cylindrical media are also used, irregular media use is very few. The size of medium particle size depends on the particle size distribution of raw materials and specified commodities. The denser the commodity size distribution is, the smaller the medium size is. If the feeding particle size distribution is relatively large, the grinding medium must have a great impact crushing effect, then the ball distribution needs to be larger.

3. Harm of manufacturing method of grinding medium ball to actual crushing effect

According to scientific research, grinding balls made of the same raw material have different wear resistance levels due to different manufacturing methods and processing techniques. The most typical is alumina ball. The forming methods of alumina ball include extrusion forming method, pellet forming method, hydraulic press hard die forming method and isostatic pressing forming method. The wear difference between isostatic pressing forming method and grouting forming method is more than ten times. The reason may be that the former one has higher compactness and symmetry than the latter one, and can form a more reliable overall structure after sintering.

In addition, it is very likely that the raw materials used by the two are also different. The differences in the purity of raw materials, particle size distribution, powder equipment fluidity and other aspects will also cause great harm to the wear resistance of the grinding medium, and finally endanger the actual effect of crushing.

4. Grade matching of grinding medium and the harm of crushing effect

When the total quality of grinding media is the same, the harm of different grinding media to the actual crushing effect is not the same. Generally speaking, in the whole process of continuous grinding, the size of the medium is distributed in a certain regularity. In order to better control the cost, the way of filling large balls is often used to repair the grinding capacity of the system. It is difficult for the ball mill to maintain a fixed medium in the long-term work. When the medium diameter is very different, it will aggravate the failure grinding between the media, that is, the large medium grinds the small medium, which increases the cost of the whole grinding process.

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