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What is the material of zirconium beads

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Zirconium beads are generally made of zirconia. Of course, there are other substances involved. Ceria and yttrium oxide are added. Silicon oxide is added. Ceria stabilized zirconia beads are called cerium stabilized zirconia beads. Yttrium oxide as stabilizer is called yttrium stabilized zirconia beads. Zirconium silicate beads have high silicon oxide content, so the price is lower than others.

Yttrium zirconium beads, fully known as yttrium stabilized zirconia beads, have the highest and most common content of zirconia in zirconium beads. The content of zirconia is 95%, and 5% yttrium oxide is used as stabilizer. Due to its very good hardness and toughness and low wear, this zirconium bead is widely used for fine grinding. According to the current technology, Zirconia beads with a diameter of 0.05 can be made by titration molding in electrolyte (refer to Xenoy stabilized zirconia beads). Zirconia beads with a particle size of 0.05 mm are suitable for nano grinding.

Cerium zirconium beads, fully known as cerium stabilized zirconia beads, contain 80% zirconium oxide and 20% cerium oxide. They are yellow, brown and black. Cerium zirconium beads have a large proportion, so they have a large kinetic energy in the grinding process. They have great advantages in grinding high viscosity materials, and can also be used in high shear sand mills.

Composite zirconium beads, alumina and zirconia are formed by rolling forming and calcining at high temperature. The components are alumina and zirconia, and there are 5% other components. Zirconia accounts for 75% and alumina accounts for 20%. Because the composite zirconium bead contains zirconia, the wear of the composite zirconium bead is much lower than that of the alumina ball, so the performance of the composite zirconium bead is better than that of the alumina ball.

Zirconium silicate beads are made of zirconia and silicon oxide. Zirconia is 64% and silicon oxide is 33%. The density and hardness are medium. They are suitable for grinding materials with medium to low viscosity. Go back to Sohu to see more

Main purpose

It is used for crushing and dispersing various materials

◆ electronic component materials, such as dielectric, piezoelectric and magnetic materials

◆ fluorescent material, electrode material of battery

◆ pigment, paint, etc.

◆ fine ceramic raw materials

◆ fine abrasive powder, CMP abrasive, etc.

◆ pharmaceutical, for agricultural chemicals, food

How to avoid crushing and excessive wear of zirconia beads?

1. The filling amount of beads shall not exceed the upper limit (85%);

2. Beads of different materials shall be selected for sand mills with different linear speeds;

3. Select beads with appropriate density for slurry with different viscosity;

4. Do not mix beads of different materials;

5. Try to use beads with uniform particle size;

6. Keep low speed when cleaning the grinder with beads; Mechanical speed regulation adopts inching and stepless speed regulation

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