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What is the use of zirconia beads

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Zirconia beads are mostly composed of tetragonal zirconia, so they are also called "TZP" zirconia beads. They are made of micron and sub nano zirconia and yttria. They are used for ultra-fine grinding and dispersion of materials requiring "zero pollution" and high viscosity and high hardness.

Zirconia beads are spherical granular materials that can be used in coatings. They are widely used. Their functions are to reduce cost, increase solid content, provide performance and improve process operation conditions. Then let's briefly introduce its purpose.

1. Reduce viscosity and increase fluidity

Compared with other irregular shaped fillers, zirconium balls roll as easily as steel balls between bearings. Zirconium bead has a large ratio, easy rolling and large kinetic energy, so it reduces the viscosity of the formula, increases the flow and improves the spraying performance.

2. Gloss control

Many gloss controlled materials increase viscosity. However, the use of zirconium beads can significantly reduce the gloss without increasing the viscosity.

3. Hard and wear resistant

Zirconium beads have high hardness and wear resistance, making the paint surface hard and scratch resistant. The durable as new surface saves you the cost and time of maintenance and recoating. If traditional fillers are used, soft or irregular particles will quickly wear or crack the surface.

4. Stability

Because its composition is inert ceramics, zirconium beads can resist the erosion of various chemicals.

5. Small equipment wear

Due to the high compressive strength, zirconium beads are added during production and grinding. To improve the dispersion effect, sand mill, ball mill and rolling can be used. Compared with other fillers with the same or lower hardness, the use of zirconium beads has less wear on the equipment.

The above is the purpose of zirconia beads. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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