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Where can zirconia beads be used

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Zirconia beads, also known as ceramic balls, zirconia balls and grinding beads, are widely used. They can be used as grinding, polishing and fine balls. They are suitable for coatings, paints, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

1: Grinding and dispersion

In the process of manufacturing nano materials, zirconia beads need to be used for grinding or dispersion, such as Fe3O4, magnetic materials, etc.

2: Seminal ball

It is useful to make ball valves and bearings. This requires high precision, so it is basically quoted by piece.

Purpose 3: polishing

Polishing wheels, structural parts, profiles, etc. if there are chamfers and burrs on the surface, zirconia beads can be used for sand blasting. Zirconia beads are round and have high specific gravity, so the spraying can flatten the burrs and make the surface smooth.

If the wheel hub is polished, the wheel hub can be rotated in the zirconium bead, and mutual friction can make the wheel hub smooth.

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