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Zirconia ball milling beads

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Zirconia bead is a pearl like luster and smooth bead. It is an indispensable grinding tool. In the grinding process, zirconia ball milling beads can make the ground products finer. Moreover, zirconia bead crystal has high specific gravity, high grinding efficiency, fine microstructure and better wear resistance, which is widely used by the majority of producers. Today, Xiaobian is here to popularize the types and correct use methods of zirconia ball milling beads, hoping to help you.

What is the type and correct use of zirconia beads like? Here we first look at the classification of zirconia beads. At present, there are many classifications of zirconia beads, but only the following are suitable for grinding machines: yttrium stabilized zirconia ball milling beads, cerium stabilized zirconia ball milling beads, 80 zirconium beads and zirconium silicate beads.

First, let's look at what yttrium stabilized zirconia ball milling beads look like. The zirconia content of this product is nearly 95%, so it is often called "95 zirconium" or "pure zirconia beads". It uses raw materials with high whiteness and high fineness in the production process, which can ensure no pollution of materials to a certain extent. At present, this kind of zirconia ball is mainly used in the grinding of sand mill. Then, let's take a look at what stabilized zirconia beads look like. The zirconia content of stabilized zirconia beads is about 80%, which is one of the relatively high density zirconia beads in all zirconium series. Coupled with the characteristics of this kind of zirconia beads, this kind of zirconia beads is especially suitable for grinding and polishing. The 80 zirconia bead is a zirconia ball with nearly 80% zirconia content. However, the performance of this product focuses more on grinding, which has been widely used in all walks of life. As for zirconium silicate beads, its zirconia content is only 65%, so it is also commonly referred to as "65 zirconium". Zirconium silicate beads are made by the advanced process of titration forming in electrolyte and high-temperature baking and phasing. There are no pores and cavities in the beads. The medium density and hardness are suitable for the grinding of medium and low viscosity slurry.

These zirconia balls with different characteristics are used in different areas, so we must find out what kind of products we need during production. If you don't understand this aspect, you can consult the selling enterprise. Zirconia balls are provided with suggestions by professional personnel. By the way, we need to pay attention to one thing when using. Zirconia beads are consumables. In order to protect the equipment and ensure a good grinding efficiency, it is necessary to regularly center the sand mill and screen and add zirconia beads regularly.

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