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  • Feb
    How to choose zirconia beads and glass beads for grinding

    With the higher and higher requirements for the fineness of materials, the use of sand mills is becoming more and more common, and there are more grinding media in the market. How to choose a grinding medium that is more suitable for its own production process and conditions is a key and laborious t

  • Feb
    What is the material of zirconium beads

    Zirconium beads are generally made of zirconia. Of course, there are other substances involved. Ceria and yttrium oxide are added. Silicon oxide is added. Ceria stabilized zirconia beads are called cerium stabilized zirconia beads. Yttrium oxide as stabilizer is called yttrium stabilized zirconia be

  • Feb
    Specific gravity of zirconium beads

    Compared with other grinding media, the specific gravity of zirconia beads is relatively high, especially the 95 zirconia beads with high zirconia content, in which the zirconia content is as high as 95%, the specific gravity is 6.0g/cm3, and the bulk specific gravity is 3.6. Please click here to co

  • Feb
    Use of zirconium beads

    Zirconia beads are basically used in nano materials, such as paint, coating, titanium dioxide industry, lithium battery anode, cathode and diaphragm. Zirconia beads are used in some biological fields, such as tissue grinding. The performance of zirconia beads is very suitable for grinding, so alumin

  • Feb
    Application skills of zirconia ball milling beads

    There are certain skills when using zirconia ball milling beads. For example, selecting appropriate zirconia beads will have different effects on grinding, so as to increase or reduce wear. Therefore, it is very necessary to select appropriate zirconia beads.

  • Jan
    Influence of motion state of grinding medium in cylinder on grinding effect

    1 the specific gravity of grinding medium is different from that of grinding medium. From the perspective of crushing, it seems that large proportion of grinding medium is beneficial to improve grinding efficiency, which is not the case in practice. At present, the specific gravity of the grinding m

  • Jan
    How to solve the problem of grinding medium crushing

    First, identify the appearance of "broken" beads. If the particles are smooth rather than sharp edges and corners like broken glass, it is actually naturally worn beads. These beads may be ground into various shapes, such as disc, oval, or smaller ball. This condition can be called wear, but the deg

  • Dec
    Application of alumina grinding ball

    Alumina grinding ball is a non-metallic grinding medium, which is widely used in industrial grinding. It has many physical and chemical advantages different from metal grinding balls. Today I will introduce its characteristics and applications.

  • Dec
    What kinds of wear-resistant ceramic pipes are included? What are their respective advantages

    Wear resistant elbow can be favored by the market and continue to replace some traditional wear-resistant materials. The fundamental reason lies in its excellent product quality and its various advantages compared with traditional wear-resistant materials, such as cast stone, cast steel and centrifu

  • Nov
    How are alumina balls fired

    Alumina balls are not dangerous goods and are not subject to state control. However, if they are exposed for a long time, they must wear dust masks, because aluminum oxide powder will cause damage to human lungs and brain, and long-term inhalation will cause damage to human nervous system, immune regulation system, etc. So how was it fired?

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