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  • Oct
    What are the main components of alumina ceramics

    Alumina ceramic is a kind of ceramic material with alumina (Al2O3) as the main body, which is used in thick film integrated circuits. Alumina ceramics have good conductivity, mechanical strength and high temperature resistance. It should be noted that ultrasonic washing is required.

  • Sep
    Where can zirconia beads be used

    Zirconia beads, also known as ceramic balls, zirconia balls and grinding beads, are widely used. They can be used as grinding, polishing and fine balls. They are suitable for coatings, paints, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and other industries.1: Grinding and dispersionIn the process of manufacturing

  • Sep
    What is the use of zirconia beads

    Zirconia beads are mostly composed of tetragonal zirconia, so they are also called "TZP" zirconia beads. They are made of micron and sub nano zirconia and yttria. They are used for ultra-fine grinding and dispersion of materials requiring "zero pollution" and high viscosity and high hardness.

  • Sep
    How to select zirconia beads and glass beads for grinding

    With the higher and higher requirements for the fineness of materials, the use of sand mills is becoming more and more common, and there are more grinding media in the market. How to choose a grinding medium more suitable for its own production process and conditions is a key and laborious thing. Here is a simple analysis of the following aspects.

  • Sep
    Application scope of wear-resistant ceramics in smelting industry

    Titan Industrial Ceramic will popularize the application of wear-resistant ceramics in the smelting industry,Hope to help you。

  • Aug
    Use of zirconia grinding beads

    Zirconia grinding beads are made of micron and sub nano raw materials with advanced technology, and their technical indexes and properties have reached the international advanced level.

  • Aug
    What are the precautions for wear-resistant ceramic plate during transportation

    If you want to make good use of wear-resistant ceramic plates, you not only need to pass the quality of products, but also pay special attention to the relevant matters of wear-resistant ceramic plates. What are the precautions when transporting wear-resistant ceramic plates? Let's introduce it in detail.

  • Aug
    Application of zirconia beads

    Zirconia beads (hereinafter referred to as "TZP" zirconium beads) are made of micron and sub nano raw materials and advanced technology. Various technical indexes and properties have reached the international advanced level.

  • Aug
    Factors needing attention in the roasting process of alumina grinding ball

    During the processing and roasting of alumina grinding ball, if the ball is not well controlled, problems such as deformation, cracking and crushing may occur. The specific causes are analyzed according to the actual situation.

  • May
    What do you know about wear resistant ceramic coating

    Damage, erosion and fracture are the key reasons for the invalidity of machine parts, which are commonly found in metallurgical industry, engineering construction, power engineering, mechanical equipment and other industries, among which the damage problem is more serious. Especially for conveying equipment, about 80% of the invalid parts are due to the damage of raw materials. As a result, the problem of damage has been attached great importance by the raw material academia.

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