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  • May
    What harm does grinding medium have to the actual crushing effect

    1. Harm of strength and relative density of grinding mediumThe relative density and strength of grinding medium play a key role in grinding efficiency: the higher the relative density of medium is, the higher the grinding efficiency is; The higher the strength is, the smaller the wear is, and the ea

  • May
    Harm of sintering on properties of zirconia ceramics

    As a kind of structural ceramics, zirconia has excellent properties such as high compressive strength, high strength, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance. In addition to being widely used in industrial production, along with the rapid development of denture field in recent

  • Apr
    Precautions and requirements for the use of zirconia beads

    Zirconia beads are round, with good integrity, smooth surface, pearl like luster, excellent toughness, impact resistance and no fragmentation in high-speed operation. It is very popular in the market. Let's popularize the precautions and requirements of zirconia beads:matters needing attention:

  • Apr
    What is the effect of grinding medium on grinding effect?

    Influence of grinding medium on hardness and density The density and hardness of grinding medium play an important role in grinding efficiency: the higher the density of medium is, the higher the grinding efficiency is; the higher the hardness is, the smaller the wear is, the easier the p

  • Sep
    Five bases for selecting grinding medium

    The higher the density of grinding medium, the shorter the grinding time. In order to increase the grinding effect, the hardness of the grinding medium must be greater than that of the material to be ground. According to the long-term experience, the Mohs hardness of the medium is more than 3 grades

  • Aug
    What should we pay attention to when using zirconia beads? 80% of people don't fully play its role

    When using zirconia beads, there are many things to pay attention to. In order to ensure the grinding efficiency and smooth grinding of products, it is necessary to select appropriate zirconia beads, pre grind and clean zirconia beads. The following will introduce the precautions of zirconia beads i

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